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Monkey year gas of the first wet happy event raids newly-married person

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Dispatch of day hill net (Yang Lumei of reporter of learn on job) yesterday, the Gregorian calendar on Feburary 8, the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 18, just be monkey year this lucky year the first double " 8 " day, so this geminate and didymous wedding day makes clever boy year the first height day that holds wedding. When " double hair " day lets new people in succession footfall and when coming, car of building of hotel, shadow, marriage, emcee people also sent. . . . . Some hotels to meet day of this bridal height, must use the vacant lot by total stage went up.

Yesterday, in a lot of hotels of Urumqi city, can see such one act, be in to new personality more welcome guest.

■ great rejoicing day -- marriage gauze inn

Numerous bride monkey year spruce contend for spring

Yesterday in the morning, the bride that building of shadow of each big marriage gauze swarmed Urumqi city to make up, their seem is preparing a contest choosing the United States that is about to hold.

The bride in marriage gauze inn is much

Began partly at 6 o'clock from in the morning, building of shadow of gauze of golden lily marriage makes up the bride that the hall walks into Yi of each expression Yi in succession.

6:50, the small bud bride that just changed gauze of good white marriage sits in make up say by lens: "My home is in Chang Ji, to assure enough sleep, become the most beautiful bride, after reaching black city yesterday, live in the hotel, early in the morning comes today make up. Early in the morning comes today make up..

At 9 o'clock, bend over in aside confused reporter is abrupt be waked up by excited bridal small bud, "Is the white that sees me quickly tender bridal makeup effect how? "Is the white that sees me quickly tender bridal makeup effect how??

"Pretty good and pretty good, very beautiful, glorious takes a person hey. " the reporter praises again and again.

"Still be done not have, comb ability calculates a beautiful hairstyle even success. " enraptured ground says small bud.

Arrived midday, rough statistic has the journalist many 50 bride comes building of marriage gauze shadow makes up. Piece of manager of building of shadow of gauze of golden lily marriage say, the bride makes up need to be booked ahead of schedule, some brides came in December 2003 shadow building is booked made up on Feburary 8. The reporter understands from building of shadow of gauze of marriage of building of shadow of Venus marriage gauze, expensive madam again, on Feburary 8 this day, the bride that comes round to make up also reachs a few people.

Seek far and neglect what lies close at hand comes Urumqi is dressed up

Before dawn 6 when much, large shopping center of Urumqi big Xi Menhong of 5 building " 99 figure drawing office " had opened the door bow with hands clasped to a guest. Makeup girl Zhang Jie is giving Ling of the first bride poplar absorbedly to make up, there is the drowsiness of a bit on the face. She tells a reporter, she and elder sister altogether should be 13 brides to go up today makeup, every bride wants to use many minutes 40 makeup play the part of, they also should accomplish ability of much at 10 o'clock bell to end.
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